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PRICING Choose a payment plan that works for you!



2 Capture Page

100 Subscribers

2 Autoresponder

2 Link Tracker

1 URL Rotator

1 Program Builder

5% Level 1 Commissions

1% Level 2 Commissions


12 Capture Pages

1200 Subscribers

600 Autoresponders

12 Link Tracker

12 URL Rotators

12 Program Builder

40% Level 1 Commissions

5% Level 2 Commissions



48 Capture Pages

4800 Subscribers

2400 Autoresponders

48 Link Tracker

48 URL Rotators

24 Program Builder

50% Level 1 Commissions

5% Level 2 Commissions


Below is a chart that will tell you what you get with each account,

clicking on the heading will show a brief overview of that aspect

of the 12 Second Commute system.

Services IncludedStandardRegularAdvanced
Training Videos
Yes Yes Yes
AA Page Setup
Yes Yes Yes
Ad Tracker
2 Links 12 Links 48 Links
Limited Yes Yes
5% 40% 50%
2 Subscriber Capacity 1,200 Subscriber Capacity 2,400 Subscriber Capacity
Blog and Bogging Center
No Yes with some limitations >Yes and Unlimited Capacity
Capture Page Creator
2 Pages 12 Pages 48 Pages
Contact Manager
100 Contact Capacity 1,500 Contact Capacity Unlimited Contacts
Image Library
No Access Yes--Access to 2,500 Images Yes--Access to over 5,000 Images
Program Builder
No Yes--Create up to 100 Programs Yes--Create Unlimited Programs
Prospecting System
No 100 Setups Unlimited Setups
Quick Setup
Yes Yes Yes
No Yes Yes
Success Guides
No One Guide All Guides
Support Center
No Yes Unlimited
Ultimate License
No Yes--50% Commissions Yes--70% Commissions
URL Rotator
1 Rotator 100 Rotators Unlimited Rotators
Video Training Center
Limited Yes Unlimited