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Hello, I am Olson C. Rogers, an Affiliate Owner at 12SC, in   Milledgeville, GA. I bring you news of 12SC, and Proclaim it to be the one program most needed by 'Anyone/Everyone' who is engaged in Doing Business from home. If you are serious about your business, we are serious about helping you grow your business.

I want to tell you the whole 12SC story, including the 10 years of R & D, that led to it's inception. I also want you to have a Free Account in your own home on your own Business or ours.

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No more Road Rage
No more Middle-Finger Salutes
Your Home=Your Castle=Your Office
Your New Friend, will be Your Banker

The Tools You Need, are The Tools U Get

12SC includes all the following tools and resources in one easy to use account:

Ad and Link Trackers
URL Rotators
Capture Page Creators
Contact Manager
Down line Builders
Training Center Online    

Around-the-Clock Support

Blog Central 
Conference Center
Smart Page

All the big money earners use most of these tools, but, they forgot to tell you, that you need them also.

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